Our lineup of performance socks are designed to help you perform your best and to win! Thermodynamic, moisture wicking, antimicrobial, and highly durable- these socks keep you at the top of your game! Everybody plays to win. Our participation socks are constructed to be highly durable and very comfortable- keeping you on the court or on the field until the game is won. Who doesn’t love cotton socks! Our socks are made from the best materials around and are made for maximum durability, keeping you comfortable all day long. PERFORMANCE SOCKS PARTICIPATION SOCKS RECREATION SOCKS TABLE OF CONTENTS How Our Socks Are Made SOCKS WHEN YOU DEMAND PERFORMANCE OTC OVER-THE-CALF SOCK SIZES SOCK RATING SYSTEM BOOT OUR BEST SOCKS A GREAT VALUE A COMFORT CLASSIC GOOD BEST BETTER CREW MID-CREW QUARTER LOW-CUT Team Athletic Public Safety & Military Postal Misc Thermodynamic Odor Control Antimoicrobial Moisture Wicking Impact Resistant ELIMINATES BACTERIA THAT CAN CAUSE FUNKY ODORS ELIMINATES MICROBES AND BACTERIA, KEEPING FEET HAPPY AND HEALTHY HELPS YOUR FEET STAY DRY CUSHION THAT PROTECTS AND COMFORTS CONTROLS TEMPERATURE FOR OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE HOW OUR SOCKS ARE MADE 2 WHAT’S NEW? 3 EXTREME PERFORMANCE 4 FOOTBALL 5 SOCCER 7 BASEBALL / SOFTBALL 9 BASKETBALL 11 PERFORMANCE MULTI-SPORT 13 PARTICIPATION MULTI-SPORT 15 ESTEEM CHEER 17 ACCESSORIES 18 THINK PINK 19 PHYSICAL TRAINING 21 PRACTICE 22 HERO SERIES 23 COMBAT TACTICAL 25 PERFORMANCE POSTAL 31 POSTAL 32 POINT OF PURCHASE 34 HOW TO ORDER 35 SIZING CHARTS 35 THE PRO FEET PROMISE TABLE OF CONTENTS • Professional, personal customer service • Flexibility • Consistent product availability • Rapid, accurate order fulfillment • Investment in long-term relationships • High product quality • Exceptional value • Innovation to thrive, not just survive Some people say, “Socks are socks.” And in a way, they are right; all socks are made on similar machines. What makes Pro Feet socks different? It’s all in the details; it’s what we put into the sock and how we set the machines to construct the socks that make the difference. MOISTURE WICKING KEEP YOUR FEET DRY TEMPERATURE REGULATION AND ODOR CONTROL HEEL & TOE STRENGTH TRY A PAIR AND WE’LL GUARANTEEE YOU’LL FEEL THE DIFFERENCE. UNDERSTANDING SOCKS Dear Friends, Another year has come and gone and we anxiously look forward to 2017 and all that it holds. Pro Feet and all our team want to say “Thank You” for your continued support of the Pro Feet Brand. This year we will continue to focus on carrying the most significant and relevant styles in stock with an emphasis on speed to market. The technologies we put in place in 2016 will allow for: Ease of ordering stock and custom socks Visibility of inventory Faster delivery Lower minimums Please take time to learn and utilize the Pro Feet app, which is available for download. This app allows you to see all our stock team products, see your cost, view inventory and place orders. You can also create PDF flyers and access a large bank of marketing materials. Take a look at our Custom Sock Builder. You can access it by going to www.sockbuilder.com. Sign in and build any of our custom socks. Pro Knit; custom knit in socks. Pro Ink; custom direct print socks. Pro 360; custom sublimated socks. Stirrups; custom striped stir ups For our customers west of the 96th parallel; take advantage of the stock we carry in our warehouse in Denver, Colorado. Same price, just quicker delivery and less freight cost. We all look forward to working with you for all of your 2017 sock needs! Taylor Wilson, Callum Brown, and our entire team X-STATIC® SILVER TECHNOLOGY STA-COOL® NYLON ROSELON POLYPROPYLENE ENDURALL® WE BUILD OUR SOCKS TO BE THE MOST COMFORTABLE YOU’LL EVER WEAR. 1 2