SOCK SIZE 9-11 SOCK SIZE 10-13 SOCK SIZE 9-11 SOCK SIZE 10-13 OUR HIGHEST PERFORMANCE ATHLETIC SOCK • POLYPROPYLENE FOR MOISTURE WICKING AND TO PROVIDE BACTERIA AND ODOR RESISTANCE • ARCH SUPPORT ZONE FOR MAXIMUM COMFORT • KNIT-IN HEEL AND TOE • X-STATIC® FIBER FOR ULTIMATE ODOR CONTROL & TEMPERATURE REGULATION FEATURES 75% Polypropylene 17% Nylon 5% X-Static® 3% Spandex 82% Polypropylene 13% Nylon 3% X-Static® 2% Spandex GAME ON! Pro Feet’s triple protection keeps your feet in the game! Our silver technology yarn is a pure, natural silver that is permanently bonded to a textile fiber providing 99.9% bacterial elimination and odor control. We go the extra yard, pairing silver with polypropylene to provide superior moisture-wicking technology. 93% Nylon 4% Spandex 3% X-Static® 75% Polypropylene 17% Nylon 5% X-Static® 3% Spandex BLACK, WHITE BLACK, SCARLET, NAVY, ROYAL, PURPLE, DARK GREEN, KELLY GREEN, MAROON, GOLD, ORANGE, WHITE WHITE, BLACK, AND NAVY BLACK, WHITE COLORS COLORS COLORS COLORS COLORS BLACK, NAVY, WHITE Performance Multi-Sport Silver Tech Low-Cut Performance Multi-Sport Silver Tech Over-the-Calf Performance Multi-Sport Silver Tech Sheer Liner Performance Multi-Sport Silver Tech Crew 732 M 732 L 730 S 730 M 730 L SIZE 13-16 730 XL 733 M 733 L SOCK SIZE 9-11 SOCK SIZE 10-13 SOCK SIZE 13-16 SOCK SIZE 7-9 SOCK SIZE 9-11 SOCK SIZE 10-13 731 M 731 L 731 XL Multi-Sport EXTREME PERFORMANCE What’s NEW at Pro Feet? Sublimated Arm Sleeves PG 14 PG 20 PG 20 CUSTOM PAGE 18 PG 18 PRO FEET APP 760 M 760 L 610 Y 610 S/M 610 L/XL 816 S 816 M 816 L 500 500 Ribbon Conversion Low Cut Tab STYLE STYLE STYLE STYLE Pro-Ink Think Pink Print on Demand Think Pink Wristbands 3 4 Download to your iPad from the App Store! SEARCH: eCat: sales rep email for login