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Sporting Goods Dealers

With the rapid increase in online shopping and the spread of big-box stores, smaller sporting goods and team sports dealers are facing critical challenges. Pro Feet is helping dealers across the United States find new strategies to increase sock profits with low prices, reliable service, and strategic support tools for marketing and merchandising in both retail and online spaces. 

Boost Sock Profits with the Pro Feet Process

Of all your products, socks have the potential to provide a higher profit margin. 

Many dealers have been able to boost their sock profits through their partnership with Pro Feet. You will benefit from seasoned sales professionals who offer expert guidance as well as efficient processes. 

  • Lower the amount of inventory you keep on hand, and the amount of cash investment in product stock, with Pro Feet’s high-speed fulfillment and quick shipping capabilities. 
  • Get the advantage of highly profitable custom socks that are easy to order and quick to produce and ship. Team coaches, managers, moms, and players all love having custom options readily available. 
  • Increase your bottom line with Pro Feet’s coaching on margins and markups.
  • Keep the perfect seasonal inventory mix for your specific geographic region with Pro Feet’s planning expertise.

Support to Make Switching Vendors Simple 

Our experienced team has a proven model that makes switching vendors easy. 

  1. We evaluate your sock program and look for opportunities for efficiency.
  2. Assessing your inventory requirements is often the first place you can save money. Most dealers keep more cash tied up in inventory than needed. 
  3. A seasonal stock transition lets you introduce Pro Feet socks in a phased approach. 
  4. Our dealer portal and knowledgeable phone support team make it easy for you to access Pro Feet help and resources at any time.

4 Decades of Dedication to Dealer Success

Pro Feet has been serving the team sports market since 1979. As a division of Wilson Brown Sock Company, Pro Feet is dedicated to continuous innovation and improvement that benefit both the customers who wear our socks and the dealers who sell our products. As a Pro Feet dealer, you can count on our forward-thinking principles to help propel your business: 

  • You’ll regularly have new styles to select from when ordering. These styles are designed to continue and enhance the peak performance features that are behind our reputation.
  • We’re increasing our US-based manufacturing and investing in the latest technology to better support our dealers and communities.
  • You can take advantage of opportunities in your local market with Pro Feet’s agile production, shipping, and marketing processes. 
  • Our relationship with you is our number one priority. When you’re successful, we know we’re meeting our mission. 

Explore a Pro Feet Dealer Partnership

To discover how Pro Feet can boost your sock program, contact us today. We’ll be happy to discuss your challenges and explore solutions. 

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